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8K TVs to start selling this year in China

8K TVs to start selling this year in China

by WhyCryNovember 4, 2015

After Sharp declared that they are ready to start selling 8K TV sets in Japan, Chinese manufacturers are definitely not going to turn a blind eye this statement.

Hisense promised that 8K TVs will be available for sale later this year. Displays packing 7680 x 4320 pixels (33.2 MPIX), offer more than 3x more pixels than ‘outdated’ 4K displays.

For now, Hisense will only start selling 8K displays in China. In Germany for instance, the company will stick to 4K technology.

The first commercially available 8K TV set was announced by Sharp in September. It was not the cheapest TV around, as it costs roughly €120K.

It’s also worth nothing that a Japanese broadcaster has already declared to offer 8K content in 2020. So far, no Chinese broadcasting company has made similar statement.