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AMD may discontinue support for 32-bit Radeon drivers

AMD may discontinue support for 32-bit Radeon drivers

by WhyCryMarch 29, 2016

Reports indicate AMD may finally send 32-bit drivers to retirement. This ancient architecture is slowly dying as we get more and more games designed to work with more than 3GB of RAM, as the 32-bit operating systems do not support more than ~3GB RAM.

New PC builds are almost always equipped with more than 4GB RAM, so using 32bit OS is probably not the best idea. Now AMD is making an important move to discontinue support for such drivers.

AMD’s Radeon Pro Duo is the first graphics cards that will only work with 64-bit drivers. This mixture of Radeon and FirePro series would probably not work well with 3GB systems as the card itself has 8GB RAM. In fact I can’t imagine anyone spending 1500 USD on a card only to put it into 3GB system.

According to Steam Survey, the 32-bit systems are still used by roughly 12% of users. However still more than 20% of users use sub-4GB gaming rigs.

So is this the right move? Yes it is. The legacy support should continue either from official channel or modders.

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