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AMD Radeon 400 Ellesmere and Baffin taped out

AMD Radeon 400 Ellesmere and Baffin taped out

by WhyCryOctober 30, 2015

WCCFTech are known for quality leaks, but also for generating widespread confusion.

This time they inform us about new GPUs codenamed Ellesmere and Baffin, which are supposedly from the same IP level as Greenland (believed to be the most powerful GPU being developed).

According to them Greenland will be used for flagship graphics card (successor to Radeon R9 Fury X), quite possibly equipped with HBM2-type memory.

New AMD GPUs will be made in FinFET technology, which will allow much better power efficiency, something Radeon GPUs are definately not known for.

It is very hard to say if those rumors are anywhere close to the truth, but it’s definitely worth sharing. Lisa Su promised we will be seeing a major update in graphics portfolio in the next few months.

Lisa Su: I think it’s also fair to say that the graphics portfolio is quite broad, and so you will see us updating the entire portfolio over the coming quarters,