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Apple unlocks more colors in latest iMacs

Apple unlocks more colors in latest iMacs

by WhyCryOctober 30, 2015

Without much fanfare, Apple has improved in OS X El Capitan color output capabilities of the Retina iMacs

The latest operating system called El Captain installed with new iMacs will now output 30bit color palette, which in reality allows us to see billions of colors morethan with 2014/2015 5K iMac 24-bit panels.

Apple advertises the new Retina iMacs far only with a greatly improved LED panel. The monitors are now to cover the DCI P3 color space, which has a larger 25 percent color spectrum compared to sRGB. In practice, the new color space plays a role, especially in digital cinema projectors.

Mac & I confirms Apple that the new Retina iMacs support with 5K and 4K a 10-bit panel control. In order for these Macs should instead of the previous 16.7 million colors can bring more than one billion colors simultaneously on the screen.


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