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Corsair HG10 N980 and N970 VGA brackets finally available worldwide

Corsair HG10 N980 and N970 VGA brackets finally available worldwide

by WhyCryNovember 4, 2015

Even though Corsair’s HG10 cooling brackets were announced many months ago, they encountered production issues (especially with N980) delaying the launch date till late October.

Just two weeks ago Corsair representatives were still not sure when will N980 be available. However, in just few days everything became clear as first stores already received their stock.

There are two HG10 models (apart from A1 and N780), the N980 and N970. Corsair says they took a different route than their competition. Rather than producing one cooler that fits all graphics cards, they decided to split support to two most popular boards (also both NVIDIA’s).

Corsair N970 supports GTX 660 Ti, GTX 670, GTX 760 and GTX 970. It is crucial that you check this website for full support list (they list all compatible models).

You may think this is strange compatibility, but the first three use the same board, and GTX 970 follow the same principle of small PCB.

Corsair N980 supports more powerful models, including: some GTX 970, GTX 980, GTX 980 Ti and of course GTX TITAN X (list here).

Corsair HG10 has one 70mm fan over VRM section. It resembles reference coolers from NVIDIA quite well. The brackets are compatible with Corsair liquid cooler (sold separately).

Both brackets are available for 50 USD.
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