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Crytek’s CryEngine V compared to CryEngine 3

Crytek’s CryEngine V compared to CryEngine 3

by WhyCryMarch 29, 2016

CryTek’s CryEngine V is still in development. The company however is doing their best to popularize their new engine, even by selling it cheap on HumbleBundle.

The CEV is not yet available in any game, but the SDK is available for those interested in making their own applications. The same SDK was used to create a benchmark comparing CEV and CE3 performance, plus demonstrating the use of DirectX12 the CEV supports.

The performance improvement over CE3 is roughly 20% (15 FPS), but you can clearly see that CE3 is still slightly better looking.

Interestingly the comparison between DX12 and DX11 shows that DX12 shows no performance improvement. In fact, the performance is often worse when using newer API. This is probably caused by unofficial build, which is actually a port from CE3 and is not officially supported by CryTek as DX12 benchmark.


Source: ElChapuzasInformatico