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Enthusiast AIB shipment increased in 2015

Enthusiast AIB shipment increased in 2015

by WhyCryMarch 1, 2016

According to Jon Peddie Research the high-end Add-in-board shipment has increased last year, almost doubling since 2014.  

Total number of graphics processing units sold in 2015 was 50 million, which is 6 million more than 2014. From this number 5.9 million were enthusiast cards, which is almost twice as much as in 2014 (2.9 million). So if you were ever wondering how many high-end cards are sold every year, then here is your answer. The prices are going up, because total production is decreasing, but research costs certainly do not. In 2011 total numbers of units was roughly 70 million. It dropped to 50 million last year, but people are eagerly buying more expensive cards.

When it comes to market share, AMD still holds 21.1% of the market, which unfortunately doesn’t look very good against NVIDIA’s 78.8% share. The good news however are that AMD is slowly gaining more share, because last quarter it was just 18.8% for AMD. Will Polaris help AMD regain the market, so we can still have healthy competition? We should know in just few months.


Source: Jon Peddie Research