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Gigabyte launches GeForce GTX 960 4GB Xtreme with RGB lighting

Gigabyte launches GeForce GTX 960 4GB Xtreme with RGB lighting

by SMiThaYeMarch 28, 2016

Gigabyte has launched the GV-N960XTREME-4GD featuring 4GB GDDR5 at the reference speed of 7010 MHz, core has been bumped to 1304MHz  (1367MHz Boost) in OC Mode from the reference 1127Mhz (1178MHz Boost).


The GeForce GTX 960 4GB Xtreme is cooled by the new WindForce 2X featuring pure copper pipes that along with alternate spinning fans helping to reduce turbulence and hotspots, increases airflow by up to 23%. TDP expected to remain at 120W, powered via 8-pin and 6-pin connectors – this in turn offers additional overclocking headroom. Under zero-load or low-load the fans turn off and the LED on the side of the card will light up and display “Fan Stop”. The PCIE power also features LED indicators to alert a user to fluctuating power.

Thanks to the popularity of RGB lighting across a variety of devices this card features 16.8 million colour options and three lighting effects (Cycling/Pulsing/Consistent). To customise these options you can download the Gigbyte OC GURU II software – this is also used to overclock and set OC Mode or Gaming Modes. OC GURU II weighs in at a not so nimble 17.46 MB but it covers Windows Vista (and up) 32bit/64-bit with support for a impressive amount of GPUS for both AMD and NVIDIA.


To complement the design of the card Gigabyte has added a sleek metal black backplate to improve temperatures and reinforcement to the custom PCB utilising a fully autonomous process – features the same chokes and caps as the Titan X. The “Xtreme Gaming” white logo is located an inch from the PCIE connectors and faces outwards.

Pricing hasn’t been mentioned but I estimate it could come in around $220, will update with official pricing soon.