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Hardware.info tests 9 Ultra-Wide monitors

Hardware.info tests 9 Ultra-Wide monitors

by WhyCryNovember 23, 2015

If you’re looking for multi-device reviews, Hardware.info is usually the best place to check.

This time they took nine Ultra-Wide monitors for a spin. That’s something that was surely not done before, because those monitors are a) not cheap, b) hard to get (even from manufacturers).

The price range in this tests is definitely beyond any casual gamer pocket. The cheapest monitor in this test is Philips BDM3470UP worth 515 GBP. The most expensive is HP Envy 34C for roughly 1000 GBP.

It’s worth noting that all these monitors are either IPS, VA or AH-IPS panels.

  1. Acer XR341CK
  2. AOC U3477Pqu
  3. Dell UltraSharp U3415W
  4. HP Envy 34c Media Display
  5. LG 34UC87M-B
  6. LG 34UC97-S
  7. LG 34UM95-P
  8. Philips BDM3470UP
  9. Samsung S34E790C

Hardware.info: 9 UWQHD monitors review: wide, wider, widest