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Nintendo NX arrives March 2017

Nintendo NX arrives March 2017

by WhyCryApril 27, 2016

Nintendo has officially confirmed that the company is working on new gaming console codenamed NX.

The next-gen console will be released in March 2017. The successor to Wii U is a completely new concept based on much faster hardware. It is rumored that NX will feature Polaris GPU, which would definitely put NX as a very interesting choice over PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Or maybe that’s the whole reason why Sony is supposedly working on the new PS Neo console?


For our dedicated video game platform business, Nintendo is currently developing a gaming platform codenamed “NX” with a brand-new concept. NX will be launched in March 2017 globally.

Nintendo sales have dropped last year by 8%. Nintendo intends to increase those sales with new console next year, however they are not releasing any profit estimations as of now.

Source: Nintendo

  • Crashbanksbuysilver .

    I hope Nintendo succeeds, I do not want them to become a software only company. Its we westerners who are buying consoles these days and we want power. No more Wii’s.