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Nintendo NX could feature Polaris GPU

Nintendo NX could feature Polaris GPU

by WhyCryApril 16, 2016

A new rumor about Nintendo NX has surfaced on Neograf forums.

According to the information provided by the most talkative leaker, Nintendo NX could feature custom-built Polaris GPU made in 14nm FinFET process. That GPU would be slightly faster than Sony PlayStation 4’s, which as you might know is based on Pitcairn architecture.

Polaris GPU in Nintendo NX would definitely be much more power efficient and therefore offer higher performance at lower power consumption.

It’s worth adding that desktop Pitcairn GPU variant requires 175W, meanwhile Polaris 11 is rumored to be designed under 50W TDP.

The NX will use a custom Polaris-like GPU. Likely will be on a FinFET 14nm fabrication node. The source told me it’s on the same architecture with heavy customizations of course . It will contain the feature set of Polaris. It is “marginally better than the PS4” and theoretically could be “2x the power of PS4 GPU”. I asked about PS4K being rumored to have a gpu 2x as powerful as the OG PS4 and how the theoretical performance of the NX would be and was told “Theoretically it could be close to the PS4K rumored specs”. Of course, we know nothing of Polaris or the PS4K specs, but he gave that metric.

Source: Neograf

  • Kayser

    since when Nintendo pushed technology to a whole new level .
    they always make cheaper product and jack the price up , that’s Nintendo strategy since forever .