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NVIDIA GP100 to arrive in April?

NVIDIA GP100 to arrive in April?

by WhyCryJanuary 26, 2016

While I do think that this information is complete nonsense, I decided to post it here, so people will not ask me why I didn’t post anything about it.

Website called TechFrag found what seems to be a fan-made roadmap filled with question marks. I didn’t stop them from assuming this is a real leak though.

According to their article TITAN PASCAL, or whatever the name of GP100-based graphics card is, would arrive in April. The date is quite strange, as nothing is happening in April that would justify the launch in this very month.

In March we have GDC2016, which in my opinion is much better event to announce new Quadro flagship.

However I’m still sure NVIDIA would not launch GP100 before GP104. If they launched GK104 before GK110 and GM204 before GM200, there’s absolutely no sense in breaking this principle for Pascal. Plus, 16nm FinFET fabrication process will stay with us for some time, so there’s no rush launching flagship Big Pascal as the very first GPU right now.

Source: TechFrag via OC3D