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NVIDIA GPUs and 144Hz monitors will draw a lot of power

NVIDIA GPUs and 144Hz monitors will draw a lot of power

by WhyCryOctober 30, 2015


The new investigation performed by PCPerspective has brought a lot of attention.

According to their test, system power draw will rise significantly if the monitor refresh rate is set beyond 144 Hz.

Monitor hooked up to GeForce GTX 980 Ti has been cycled through various refresh rates, to determine when exactly does the system consume more power. As it turned out, once the refresh rates passes 120 Hz (144/165MHz), the system will consume 134 Watts. Which in comparison to 77 W at 120 Hz is huge difference.

Further investigation confirmed that the default GPU frequency will not remain in low-power state, as it does with sub-144 Hz frequencies. The clock speed will increase from ~135 MHz to 885 MHz, causing much higher power consumption.

This behaviour was not observed with Radeon hardware (Radeon R9 Fury X).  It is yet unclear if the problem lays in hardware or poor driver. Check the links below for more information.