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(PR) EVGA hits Asus and MSI with WYSIWYG page over 1080 BIOS

(PR) EVGA hits Asus and MSI with WYSIWYG page over 1080 BIOS

by SMiThaYeJune 20, 2016

As the logo states, if you can call it that, “With EVGA, What You See is What You Get” underlines their drive to entrust potential buyers of their cards that there’s no funny business.

This was in reference with reviewers receiving GTX 1080 samples using ‘optimised’ BIOS that retail samples differed from in terms of clockspeed at default, Gaming mode, and OC mode – all without informing them.

This was covered here on 16th June (Asus statement here 17th June) and as you’ll note the slight difference to the advertised clockspeeds. Yet to hear from MSI on this matter. Once partners begin to send out ‘optimised’ BIOS to reviewers it could become a free for all to hit top spot in benchmarks, this is where that 1-2% will matters despite gamers not noticing during casual playthrough. This is morally incomprehensible and must not be allowed to continue.

EVGA was one of the first graphics card companies to offer overclocked graphics cards, and since day one EVGA always delivered the exact same products to reviewers as well as customers. EVGA does not “fake” reviews or send out products with “tweaked” clockspeeds to reviewers. With EVGA Superclocked, FTW and Classified graphics cards, what you see is what you get.

Underneath this marketing statement is a list of review websites with glowing reviews. It may end with EVGA being the only partner to speak up.