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Sapphire confirms Radeon Pro Duo specifications

Sapphire confirms Radeon Pro Duo specifications

by WhyCryApril 19, 2016

AMD’s Radeon Pro Duo is just around the corner. Add-in-board partners are preparing for new launch with a hope of selling as many units as possible before Polaris cards are unveiled. It may not be an easy task, since Pro Duo price is set to 1499 USD, 1600+ EUR.

Despite that, Pro Duo is will become one of the fastest cards ever released, as NVIDIA has never unveiled its GM200-based dual-GPU card.

Sapphire’s Radeon Pro Duo will use two Fiji XT silicons made in 28nm fabrication process. The whole card will therefore feature 8192 Stream Processors, featuring one of the highest single-precision computing performance to date.

The card is also equipped with 8GB (4GB per GPU) HBM2 memory across 4096-bit interface. This monster is powered through three 8pin power connectors with TDP at 350W. Sapphire recommends at least 750W power supply.

Sapphire Pro Duo Specs

Sapphire Pro Duo Performance

  • nashathedog

    This card should of released back when the Furies did, I realize they are saying it’s not directed at gamers but I’m sure we’ll see lot’s of gamers still getting it and considering the dire support both Crossfire and SLi mow get that’s a shame.

    • I think it was delayed because there were not enough Nano chips. Since as we know Pro Duo is essentially dual-Nano. The yields of low leakage chips was probably not good enough.

      • nashathedog

        I never thought about that , makes sense but seeing as it is water-cooled anyway I don’t see why they didn’t use the regular Fx with the extra power requirement, The Fury cards do not seem to generate loads of heat,
        In fact my Fury pro (One of the overclocked Sapphire Tri-x models made available when Fiji first released) is one of the coolest and quietest cards I’ve owned in years, Cooler and quieter than the 290x Gaming, 780 Classified, 770 gaming & TFIII 7950 boost that preceded it. It’s been a lovely card to live with and as a daily gamer I’m glad to say the Crimson driver team have turned that situation around too. After a few small bumps when Crimson first released like the power saving feature which was given an on/off toggle within a few days the drivers and the single card experience have been exemplary.
        Offering a pair of fully powered Fiji’s with a better heavier duty water cooler would of at least made it a more worthwhile product value wise.

        • Harvey Chox

          U know why they did that yeah (power saving option)

          because i complained about the display corruption of the fiji xt chip. i wont get into detail but its fixed now, and also the zerocore mode

          but yeah the fiji xt fury x is a solid card, i hit 38celcius doing msi furmark at 100% load
          and 21celcius playing fallout 4 1080p 60fps ultra

          This card isnt sexy enough, i saw the amd tiki machine and assumed the pro duo was going to have a black fading red side cover, but i think that was the lighting of the case,, damn it looked sexy though

    • Cobra Hoodlum

      I thoguht the same but many told me I was wrong and that it was still a good move. Me personally I think this card is a waste of production, they should have done it with hbm2. Their planning is always late leading to a bad timing and opportunities.