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Sapphire Trixx now supports over-voltage on Fury graphics cards

Sapphire Trixx now supports over-voltage on Fury graphics cards

by WhyCryNovember 18, 2015

What Radeon R9 Fury cards were lacking from the very beginning was voltage adjustment. Some say that Fury was not capable of sustaining the same power efficiency at higher voltages, because voltage was already set high enough to get the most out of it. It didn’t help to beat TITAN X and 980 Ti (at the time), but it was necessary to stay competitive. As a result Fury X did not handle voltage adjustment very well. AMD decided to remove this functionality from their driver software.

Few months have passed and drivers have matured enough to allow users to try overvolting on their own. Of course this will allow higher clocks, but also much higher power consumption.

Sapphire’s TRIXX software will now allow you to do that:

New features
New look and interface
Now supports over-volting on Radeon R300 series
Now supports HBM memory overclock on FURY cards
Now supports over-volt on FURY cards

Minimise TriXX to task bar

Main Features
Overclock your AMD RADEON™ or FURY based graphics card
GPU Core Clock
GPU Voltage
Video Card Memory Clock
Save your Favourite Settings with up to 4 Profiles. Adjust your Graphic Card’s Fan Settings with Automatic, Fixed or Custom Fan Speeds
Information Tab with all you need to know about your Graphic Card including GPU, Interface, Memory, Driver Version, BIOS Version, Clocks, Shaders and more…Multi-GPU support (CrossFireX)Windows Sidebar Gadget option