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SK Hynix to produce 4GB HBM2 modules in third quarter

SK Hynix to produce 4GB HBM2 modules in third quarter

by WhyCryMarch 8, 2016

According to, Hynix will start producing 4GB HBM2 modules in third quarter and. 

The high-bandwidth-memory is definitely the game changing technology that should be widely adopted this year. AMD Polaris and NVIDIA Pascal are first architectures to benefit from HBM2 technology, which paired with 14/16nm FF fabrication process will provide much more efficient chips.

SK Hynix will start the mass production of HBM2 modules in second half of this year. That said both Radeon 400 series and GeForce 1000 series could use 2GB HBM2 modules, because 4GB and 8GB modules will not be available at that time.

From pure technical standpoint, we will see a boost in memory frequency to 2000 MHz (from HBM1’s 500 MHz). It means that each stack will have 256 GB/s bandwidth. SK Hynix is also planning slower variants clocked at 1600 MHz.

According to Golem, the most powerful NVIDIA Pascal GPUs will be paired with 16 GB HBM2 modules not 32GB as first planned.

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Source: Golem