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Steam releases SteamVR Performance Test

Steam releases SteamVR Performance Test

by WhyCryFebruary 22, 2016

Steam has released a new tool designed to determine whether your graphics card performance is powerful enough to deliver appropriate  VR experience.

The tool itself although released, has been taken down or made temporarily hidden in store. SteamDB has pickup the data though and there is actually still a way to install it regardless of availability in steam store.

In order to download the new tool head on to Internet Explorer and type:


This should launch Steam and begin the installation process.

SteamVR Test


  • Nope, had it there for about a fortnight now and installing it to check it can download and yes it can. Go to Tools in Steam. Proof

    • I don’t have it in tools, but I’ve been able to download with IE trick.

      • None-beta was released a bit early by Valve, store page as it was

        Steam VR landing page

        Once installed and if you wanted (not necessary), to launch Steam in VR mode add -vr at the end of the Steam shortcut – first game you should test that supports VR is Team Fortress 2.

        Originally Steam VR beta was in development in 2014 for the Oculus Rift. Since 21 December 2015 Nvidia have been ready for VR with SLI support, any driver 361.43 or newer is fine for GeForce/Quadro cards. Performance feedback looks good. Not sure about AMD driver atm.

      • It’s now live, no more workarounds yeh!

        To clarify, the tool I had was for the actual Steam VR for HMD and not as WhyCry mentioned the Performance tool, duh! The difference being the download size at 1.9GB (4.62 GB installed) while the tool earlier was 406MB (1.83 GB installed). Right now Nvidia is slightly ahead, once we have asynchronous shaders AMD may be slightly ahead. SLI will only ever work in OpenGL with each card driving each eye, good for latency and smooth motion.

        End of the night but had more time to check it out, right now it runs it doesn’t run in SLI despite forcing it. Achieved this respectable score on stock clocks with 980 Ti core boosting to 1320MHz while using 3.2GB of VRAM. My performance is the only one I came across in which the line is this straight 🙂

      • More info (via video below), this time related to what was hidden. Sometimes devs leave assets around whether they are used or not, ie under the map or near a spawn box. Includes references to Half-Life 3 and Left For Dead 3.