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(PR) Swiftech introduces next generation of AIO liquid coolers

(PR) Swiftech introduces next generation of AIO liquid coolers

by WhyCryJanuary 11, 2016
Reporting in from CES 2016, we are very excited to introduce Swiftech’s next generation of AIO Liquid Cooling Kits, the Drive X2 and Drive X2 “Prestige” series. These two series of kits each use 3 radiator sizes, dual 120mm, dual 140mm, and triple 120mm: the Drive X2 is the mainstream version at moderate budget prices, and the Drive X2 “Prestige” version is aimed at the more hardcore enthusiast users.

Our goals during the development of this series of products, were to continue improving upon the performance of our all-in-one kits, AND to further reach-out to the extreme enthusiast and modding community. We wanted to accomplish this while maintaining the plug-and-play, no maintenance and moderate budget benefits aimed at the more casual users. Historically, when we introduced the H220 kits 3 years ago, our thought was to offer an all-in-one that COULD be customized. This concept was further refined with the H220 X series, and what we are presenting to you today is a new generation of products that truly ARE custom kits: they perform like custom kits, they look like custom kits, and they are customizable right out of the box!

These products are now publicly released for sale to end-users worldwide as of January 6th, 2016 during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV.
Along with our upcoming products and full global marketing efforts, we are gearing up to position our company and products as the the market leader in 2016.

Swiftech H320 H220 H240 X2 Coolers
The most significant product updates for the Drive X2 series AIO are listed below:

  • Our award winning Apogee™ XL will be replaced by the Apogee™ XL2
  • Fully re-designed radiator/reservoir/pump combo with full size 100% acrylic reservoir
  • Maintenance-free Mayhem Ultra Clear Tubing
  • Addressable RGB LED’s on the waterblock, reservoir, and radiator accent piece
  • ALED PWM splitter (4 fan ports + 3 RGB ALED ports + Addressable RGB LED technology with single button control)
  • 3 bottles of different color dyes included so users can customize their color experience

The “Prestige” version of the kits features even more advanced product updates, focused on extraordinary performance at low noise, and top-shelf hardware:

  • World-renowned Noiseblocker eLoop fans (instead of the standard high pressure Helix fans); the eloop is the Rolls-Royce of fans!
  • Lok-Seal™ black chrome compression/rotary fittings throughout the kits

Our all new Apogee™ XL2 waterblock (which comes standard in all our kits) now features:

  • Chrome plated copper base plate, better hydraulic performance with enhanced flow characteristics
  • Redesigned housing, 100% acrylic to see the coolant, and for a stronger lighting effect
  • RGB ALED lighting to replace both the white LED lighting and colored strips
  • A redesigned logo/cover plate that allows for better lighting effect and a wider view of the coolant/internals

Please see the attached product brochure / press release which highlights the 6 kits’ technical specifications, features, and benefits.
Look for our launch day reviews posted on sites like Tweaktown, ProClockers.Net, Tom’s Hardware, CPU Magazine, etc..