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Why you shouldn’t buy Games from Windows Store

Why you shouldn’t buy Games from Windows Store

by WhyCryFebruary 26, 2016

With recent announcement of Rise of the Tomb Raider and Quantum Break being released in Windows Store, the PC community is raising questions, whether Microsoft’s solution are inferior to competition.

Steam, Uplay, Origin and GOG are all popular platforms due to their simplicity and often exclusive access to certain games. Windows Store is definitely not the first place you would think to look for games, but as Quantum Break will only be available through WS, those who want to play this game will have no choice.

There is a big problem with Windows Store, Microsoft’s solution is very restrictive. It does not support multi-GPU and VSYNC is forced on. Here’s a list of all problems with WS as discovered by people on Reddit:

  • No SLI/Crossfire,
  • Windows 10 store download is buggy,
  • No refund policy explained,
  • Vsync is always on,
  • Always borderless fullscreen,
  • Game files are protected,
  • Can’t launch it via the exe (So adding it as a non steam game will not work)
  • No fps/hardware monitor software works with it,
  • You need to take control of the folder as admin if you want access to the files
  • Mouse software which lets you create custom binds for each game doesn’t work
  • Say bye to using sweetfx and mods
  • Since no fps/hardware monitor software works, this means overlays meaning no Steam Controller since you can’t use Big Picture Mode

The problem is that Windows Store games are not run the same way as other games. Windows Store games are run as Modern UI app, which are not supported by popular 3rd party software like Afterburner, NZXT CAM or Steam overlay.

Is this the true Windows gaming experience? Likely not.

Source: TechPowerUP, Reddit

  • Michael

    wow windows store sucks bad.