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XBOX Two and PlayStation5 to be powered by AMD

XBOX Two and PlayStation5 to be powered by AMD

by WhyCryNovember 23, 2015

The so called next-gen consoles may soon be replaced by faster models in just 3 years.

XBOX2 and PS5 are both expected in 2018. By that time we expect much more powerful graphics processors to be available. Next year first 14/16nm GPUs will be released, which would theoretically bring much more power efficient chips to the market.

Let me remind you that both XBOX One and PS4 are powered by GCN GPU variants codenamed Bonaire and Pitcairn. While Bonaire is newer, it is still slower than 2011 Pitcairn used in PS4.

XBOX One has 768 Stream Processors, whereas PS4 has 1152.


That said, XBOX1 is much less powerful than PS4 in terms of graphics. For that reason XBOX games are often locked to sub-1080p resolutions. It definitely makes a difference.

Of course it’s hard to say what smaller fabrication node will bring to GPU market next year, let alone in 2018, but power efficiency should increase significantly.

Both companies are pushing the idea of VR, which requires very low latency and high-res displays at the same time. AMD Liquid VR may be just the perfect solution for that.